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frequent asked Questions

We are an event room provider. That means that we have the pleasure of watching you for 60 minutes as you explore one of our themed rooms and complete its tasks.

If the tasks are too difficult and you need a little help, our support team is always there for you and will support you so that you can enjoy a challenging but never overwhelming experience.

You choose the room or rather the topic. But what’s inside remains our secret until the day of the event 😉

You have 60 minutes for our current rooms. Together with the arrival, a short introduction and maybe a small photo afterwards, you should plan 90 minutes.

A few extra minutes are no problem in most cases. And if it really doesn’t work out, we’ll of course let you out anyway!

We accept PayPal, credit card and instant banktransfer. Cash payments are also possible if “Pay on site” is selected when booking.

Or do you want to pay for a reservation by invoice? Write us your booking request via  and we will take care of the payment on account.

Sure! There are no age restrictions for children with their parents or when accompanied by adults. If your kids want to tackle the event alone, for example as part of a birthday, they should be 13 years or older.

We also have an adapted theme world on request, which can be used from the age of 11.

It is best to contact us in advance and we will go through all the details with you!

Our adventures are supposed to be challenging, but they don’t need particularly specialized skills. With a little logical thinking and creativity, all the puzzles are manageable.

You do not have to bring any objects or other materials with you. On the contrary. Most would not be allowed anyway – everything you need to solve the room will be presented in the room!

We don’t have crawltunnels, darkrooms, or shock elements. Our rooms have proven to be absolutely harmless.

If you still have concerns – or you fear claustrophobia could become a problem, then email us in advance at and we will try to alleviate your worries or even eliminate them entirely.

Our floor can be reached barrier-free via an elevator. For wheelchair users we recommend choosing the rooms One Night in Paris or Harrison Jones and the Stones of Atum.

However, at least one person without restricted mobility should be on the team to reach and examine the room entirely if necessary.

Guidedogs for blindpeople need prior communication.

We are happy to answer open or emerging questions at:

The difficulties of planning events are well known to us. You can book the room for your desired date online with the “Pay on site”-option. On the day of the event itself, we check who has actually arrived and can adjust the rooms and the price in your favor. You remain flexible until the booking day, but have secured your desired start time early.

Do you have any questions or special ideas that you would like to implement? We’re always up for fun – feel free to email us at

If a payment had already been made in advance, a refund would not be possible if there were fewer participants. But please write to us at and we will create a voucher code for you for the difference.

That’s the smallest of problems. You come with everyone to the booked date and tell us at the counter that you have become more participants than originally stated. Depending on the number of people, you can pay cash on site.

We provide a leaderboard for each room. Whoever chooses the challenge mode due the booking process will measure themselves against all other adventurers who have done the same before.

In the challenge mode you are pretty much on your own. You can only request help from our supervisors once – a kind of one-time hint joker. In addition, you must then play the room at the highest level of difficulty. The fastest teams then end up on our leaderboard.

THOUT is in the middle of Aachen. We are located in the City Center Aachen, which has two connected car parks.

The parking garage in our building accessed via the Alexianergraben is directly connected to an elevator to our location.

We are all human – anyone can be late. We have planned 15 minutes security for each delay. However, a longer delay then leads to the booking entitlement being forfeited.

Better plan to be with us up to 15 minutes earlier then the booking time has been set to on behalf of your safety.

A rearranging or cancellation with a lead time of 14 days or more to your event date is possible at any time free of charge.